“Creativity and high end quality” is her calling card.

A quote that probably inspired her from the early days of setting up VANDANA SONI ARCHITECTS. Architect Vandana Soni haa been designing luxurious villas- streamlined corporate towers- residential highrises and contemporary interiors for restaurants- hotels- retail spaces and private homes. Her work ranges from the sleek and conservative to the daring and bold-adapting itself-to distinctive needs and environments. Rather than hewing too closely to a single signature style- she has made creativity and high end quality her calling card- allowing it to manifest itself in exciting- distinctive ways with each and every new project she undertakes.

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Vandana Soni (VSA)

The one who truly believed’  Architect Vandana Soni was clearly responsible in creating VSA. Her belief is the cornerstone on which the firm has grown. Exciting play of materials- the judicious use of technology and a design sensibility that is extremely refined- defines the style of Ar. Vandana Soni. She aims at transforming every site into a unique environment. Her dynamic nature and sparkling persona clearly reflects in her work- leaving an everlasting impression.

She has been instrumental in defining the studio’s sleek and nuanced style. Behind every project there exists a rigorous need to create work of international quality.

Vandana Soni relishes the opportunity to share her experiences in every field- with the sole purpose of inspiring.

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